What heal you in this world

by 立花実咲|Misaki Tachibana

My main theme is "What heal you and me in this world?" nowadays. It depends on people but today I am going to write why I am interested in it

When I was traveling around world, I found the world share the sky, sun, sea and earth. Additionally, we share history as well. We can not have lived without influencing each other. However there are still troubles and wars between many countries.

Fields of battle always fill with self-interests of somebody.We can not live without quarrels. For example, it should be sectional quarrels, a territorial dispute, a family dispute or sectarian strife. Even I am also capable to control others unconsciously. I have felt stress of inconsistencies that we are share same nature and have body but we are totally different.

In such world, the one which cure and heal me is art. Especially performing arts. Artists like dancers, actor and actress use only their body. The body is the only sign that say me "We are same human beings".

Then they use bodies as much as possible. They sometimes move strangely and funny. It can seem nonsense. However performing arts show us "We are lonely and different" when they perform by their bodies. The answer always heal me.

We often try others under control and force them to understand what you think. Although we sometimes can not understand what you think because we have each basement and value.

The performing arts is the one of tools to know "We are different". It must be painful since it is like being teared by people who you really like.

In the second stage, I have started to think what I can do for performing arts. I am not artists. I do not know what to do for it now. However I know what I can do. I can write and edit articles and organize spaces to suit proposes. I have worked as an editor for several years and made some events. So I think what is lack of these kind of world. What can I help to heal people by performing arts?

To express sometimes heal performers and to watching arts sometimes heal audience. I believe the power of it and want to assist its growth.

立花実咲|Misaki Tachibana